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EAN(Gtin13): 0751940629218

Model: DWJPC015-A

Material: abs

Price: $2578.33

Color: white

Depth: 102 cm

Width: 37 cm

Height: 47 cm

Weight: 28.0 kg

Sku: 1

Machinetype: DWJPC015-A CO2 (sealed off)

Wavelengths: 10.6microns

Mode Structure: TEM00

Power to tissue: 15W

Co2 Light operation modes: Repeat. CW. Super

Super pulse peak power: 100W

Aiming beam: 3mW Light

Beam delivery system: 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm

Working radius: 110cm

Cooling system: Water closed-cycle

Control system: Microprocessor control

Warranty: 1year

Electrical: 230VAC/50Hz or 120VAC/60Hz


The spectral absorption of water provides the CO2 Surgical with the ability to coagulate, vaporize, or cut, tissue depending on the power density and the energy level applied by the surgeon. When the Co2 beam is defocused, the Co2 light vaporizes the soft tissue, and when the light is focused the Light can cut like scalpel.The beam is a highly concentrated and powerful beam of light that interacts with tissue in some extraordinary ways. Surgeons use CO2 because of their outstanding precision. The beam is so accurate that an area less than one millimeter in diameter can be treated, while scarcely affecting surrounding tissue. Moreover, CO2 surgery is implemented in microsurgery and in rigid endoscopy, enabling surgical precision to a fraction of a millimeter.


Compact and easy to operate

Sealed-off CO2 technology

CW, repeat pulse, and super pulse operation modes

7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm

Pilot beam of 5mW Light

Safety protection with alarming automatically


General Surgery: haemangioma, adipoma, steatoma, rectal cancer

Oral Surgery: epulis, buccal haemangioma, mucous cyst, lichen planum

Otolaryngology: auricle vegetation, nose tumour and tumor of paranasal sinus, benign tumour of oropharynx, gular haemangioma, vocal polyp, laryngo-carcinoma, chronic pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic laryngitis

Urology: meatus urinary condyloma, redundant prepuce, caruncle of urethra, polyp of penis

Gynecology: myoma of uterus, cervical erosion, cervical polyp, vagina condyloma

Dermatology: wart, common wart, venereal wart, herpes labial, herpes zoster, nevus pigment, cutaneous malignant tumour

Cosmetology: dispel wringkle tache, stains of face nevus, vegetation and underarm odour


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