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EAN(Gtin13): 0751940630900

Model: SR-RU668

Material: abs

Price: $32.25

Color: white

Depth: 33 cm

Width: 9 cm

Height: 23 cm

Weight: 1.37 kg

Sku: 1


(1)The use of the latest technology, microcomputer control, safe, convenient, fast.

(2)Using 2 adjustable scanspot power output, treatment of smart, reliable.

(3)Unique electric ion technology, the use of the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current, no bleeding.

(4)Plug-in, cabinet and convenient to carry, charge a time to work more than five hours.


In addition to the spot:

Including the contact spot location moves back and forth slightly, can be clearly found that the melanin in electric acupuncture after saul zoomb black fall off, if precipitation shallow spots, area is lesser, can a removal; if a larger area of pigmentation is deeper, it must be 2 or 3 times to deal with more appropriate, should also pay attention to the hairdrresser when using electric acupuncture treatment, besides keeping customers pose, according to the hairdresser with the hand of electric acupuncture should balance the jitter, lest cause burns when processing, shades, influence wound healing, leave scar phenomenon.

Dot mole

When dot mole, pay special attention to distinguish the mole extent, some mole grows on the skin surface layer, and root growth of moles, deep subcutaneous tissue, including using the needle at a time when the end of the cut surface of moles, the best wy to burn in small squares. If growth relatively deep mole, besides should avoid inflammation after processed, had better be in 2to 3days before the wound healing nourishing cream coated with a small living cells, can prevent skin concave hole, when wiping nutrition frost, should pay attention to the wound with inflammation of the situation, if is nnot to wipe.

In addition to guranulation:

The electric acupuncture mouth slightly contact guranulation, derivative granulation root cells to radio needle burned to death. About a week after granulation can fall off on their own, such as granulation is small, can use laser radio disposable needle burning breeding ground for granulation, such as granulation is big, the duty to burn for many times, lest affect wound healing.

In addition to tattoo and tattoo:

Generally burn tattoos and tattoo, its area is larger, appropriate uses large needle, the method of burning tattoo tattoo, roughly the same as the scanning spot, operating time may be slightly longer, the area is too large(more than 3cm) should deal with many times, never one time. Otherwise, accidentally bacteria infection, consequence is unimaginable, beautician and customer should be especially carefull, if you have severe in flammation of the situation, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.

Packing list

1 x Main Set

1 x Mole Removal Pen

2 x Needles


"This ultrasound machine works very well not just for eastethics but also as therapy for aches and pains."


"I have been using this product for a number of months now.This is by far the best I have used.As long as they keep making this product,I will be using!"


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